The factors negatively affecting human reproduction you might not know about

The way the reproduction system is working in human bodies is very complex and there are certainly many factors which can affect it negatively. Some of them are pretty obvious and known to almost everyone, for example alcohol consumption or smoking. Yet, there are also things many people are unaware of.

If you would like to become a parent in the future, it is crucial to remember about some important things right now.

Lack of physical activity

There is nothing new in the fact the lack of physical activity can be a serious threat to the health of a person. At the same time, many people do not connect the possible problems with their reproductive systems to the fact they are not physically active. At this point, everything is simple. Exercising is good for the overall health, so it is also important for the time when a couple is trying to conceive a baby.

Still, many mothers resign from exercises during the time of their pregnancy which is a very bad move. First of all, it is extremely simple to gain too much weight during pregnancy and even not be aware of that. Certainly, the problem will not be only trying to get rid of it after the delivery of the baby. The labour itself can be rather challenging for mothers with an excessive weight. That is so if it is possible for a mother to reach the moment of labour at all since excessive weight can also be a culprit for miscarriages. In addition to it, excessive body weight of a mother increases the probability of the development of the diabetes during the pregnancy and makes the chances of a need for surgical help during the labour pretty high. Even the usage of anaesthesia can be challenging if a person is suffering from excessive body mass.

Too much of physical activity

While many people are aware about the necessity of staying physically active during pregnancy, there are many people who have no idea about the detrimental effects of excessive physical activity and special sport diets for the time when a couple is trying to conceive a baby.

When it comes to women, being extremely physically active can change hormones in the way which will not allow a person to get pregnant. One of the most popular results of such a lifestyle is lack of ovulation. Another typical side effects is excessive production of progesterone.

For men, the threat for their reproductive systems is in the special diets for sportsmen rather than in the physical activity itself. Thus, popular diets with a rather small amount of fat can be detrimental for the production of testosterone which is synthesised of cholesterol. Anabolic steroids used for the growth of muscles can also impair the hormonal balance in the male bodies.


You are definitely aware of a poor effect of stress on the health, however, it might be not so obvious that stress can even cause serious problems with getting pregnant. Actually, it is quite possible that many women who decided to plan their pregnancies in an older age are meeting more challenges not only because of the biological impact of the age on the reproduction itself but also because a higher rate of stress which is coming with higher positions at work such women frequently enjoy.

For example, one of the most popular problems stressed women are facing is the lack of a period which is certainly making it impossible for them to get pregnant. If a woman happens to be under stress while being pregnant, this can cause a miscarriage or other problems related to a pregnancy.

Stress in men can also decrease their reproductive function.

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