Meditation: training your mind

We are all familiar with this term. Whether it sounds hocus pocus to some and appears like sound of serenity to others, we all have come across this term. Even though the term is general, how it works depends largely on how one has had the experience during meditation. There is a lot of stereotypes surrounding meditation but the majority of them have been created by those people who have never even tried meditation.

There are several health benefits of meditation which are playing a vital role in balancing the way one is thinking and behavioural pattern. If you would like to experience them yourself, this article will help you to start meditating.

The nature of meditation

So how does it feel to be in the meditation? If you want to have a quick peek at this, think of yourself when you last had the feeling of serenity and mindfulness.

Revisit that moment and you will kind of have an introduction to meditation. Mind is far too powerful than what we perceive it to be. This mind can be the cause of destruction when untamed or the cause of mighty creation when tamed. Most of us who have never practiced taming this magical beast are pretty disorganised when it comes down to taking a look within. There is turbulence and constant inconsistency.

The path of thoughts

If you ever take a moment and sit down somewhere to see within or to think about something for a moment. You will see that your thinking pattern is like a pictured frames. Each image leads to another if payed attention and mostly the frames are random. Sometimes or most of the time the thoughts generated by our mind are absolutely rubbish or out of context!

This is because our mind is not trained enough to perform on this. Think of this for a moment, we all are somewhat specialising in our sector which we are excellent. Be this your profession or hobby. That part you excelled at is a fruit of constant of hours and hours of your labour. Then reached to the point when it became automated and you are so good at that.

Train your mind

When you train your mind to do what you want, you can achieve almost anything on your way, faster than people with an untamed mind. If you have seen the movie, Limitless, than you have seen the potential you can tap yourself into. Miracles happen in meditation. People get healed, manifest the life they have always wanted, remain in a blissful state of mind as if nothing  is capable of shattering them.

There are tons of ways to meditate you will find over the internet and there are hundreds of ways to perform meditation. How you would like to do it depends on what kind of things you are expecting out of meditation.

For some quick practical experience pick a good guided mediation and start off with it.

You will realise a blissful, calm state with no words to describe the state but filled with feelings.

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  1. I always believe that our state of mind is just as important as our body. Meditation is the best way to nurture this

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