A visualisation exercise for no-visualisers

There were times when even uttering this word would create a mob of suspense around you. Yes, there was this ancient world when they could even burn you alive for practicing these kinds of exercises. For ages, keeping this technique secret as the world evolved and the information system got much accessible by anyone so now such a form of powerful exercises is no longer kept under the rugs and one can leverage this opportunity to great extent.

The idea of energy

Since everything is an energy and even nothing itself can be perceived as a form of energy, there is certain frequency typical for every kind of an energy. This is true for everything including your thoughts and emotions. If you could tap into it and make the best use case of these energies by learning to manipulate them, you will be surprised what is waiting for you. What is awaiting is no less than full of wonders and bliss. If that is what you want for yourself.

Is it possible to use energy frequencies if you have problems with visualisation?

The energy frequencies are usually utilised with visualisation techniques, however, this might be challenging for many people who do not have well-developed abilities to imagine things realistically. Actually, you might be aware of such techniques and if you yourself are one the people who do not feel good with visualisation, it does not mean there are no chances for you to get the most of energy frequencies. Fortunately, there are other techniques as well and you might suitable one of them.

In order to show you such possibilities, today I am going to introduce an exercise to you. This will certainly be handy for you if you happen to feel like you have no imagination, no dreams as in R.E.M or any vivid imagination. Do not worry about this. By the way, you should know one thing. No matter what it seems, in the reality, everybody, literally everyone is capable of dreaming and does dream and, in addition to it, has some extent of imagination. Without imagination, you and I would not even be able to make it past our school days.

Prepare yourself for visualisation

Try this. Sit down in a quiet place when you are not awfully tired and relax. It might not be so easy as it seems especially if there is a lot on your shoulders at the moment and your mind is bombarded with thoughts. In such a case, you will need to intentionally relax your body. Start breathing in deeply and gently with the count of one to five and slowly exhale with the count of one to seven. Repeat this for about six times and you will feel more relaxed even if you were rather tensed at the beginning.

Now, move to the next step of the techniques. Close your eyes with the count of five to one. Every time you count five to one, repeat an affirmation which can sound similar to the following one “With the count of one , I am at the deeper and healthier level of mind”. This affirmation will help you to get deeper into the relaxed state. This is not the end as you also should add an affirmation which will make you feel safe during the process. Tell yourself that in the case of any emergency, you will be able to wake up and you will be feeling fine and much alerted. The opposite affirmation for the process of relaxation is the one which will help you to smoothly come back. Repeat in your mind that after the relaxation, you will be wide awake, feeling much better than before. This routine itself will teach your mind and body to get adjusted to the levels of mind.

A visualisation technique for those lacking imagination

Now, for the first few days, visualize a white canvas in a room with a dimmed light. Nothing else is needed at the beginning. Visualize as much details as possible such as textures or brightness.

Then, once you are comfortable enough to see these things comparatively more vivid than before, do the following. Take an apple or orange or any colourful object with a simple shape. Now, before you start your visualization exercise, gaze at this object and get the details out of it. Mostly focus on the outline and with your peripheral vision, get as many details at the same time as you can. Do not force it but simply train your eyes and mind.

Once you are done, go to your meditative level, go to your canvas and start projecting that image on the canvas. Keep it natural and then watch it in a high definition as much as you can. If you keep looking at it, you will be surprised how vivid you get over time.

This exercise alone will get the haze out of your way. At first, you may struggle but train your mind to get back to the tasks at hand. You will develop a razor sharp image and even begin to take notice of your dreams.