The science of lucid dreaming

We all dream about something. Day dreaming, night-time dreaming under various scenarios happens to each of us. Most of the dreams are pure psychedelic experience. We dream and we wake up and we move on to our daily tasks at hand. So called, waking state.

Here is a teaser or food for your thought, what if the state we are coining as waking state is actually a dream state that we are so used to living in that we do not realize the waking state in the dream state? Yes, this may lead you to break into controversy, but if you bring it in the right place to the right bunch of people, you will see their faces indulged in deep thought and silence for a moment.

What is exactly a dream state?

Dream state is, technically, a state that occurs in every 90 minutes period during our sleep cycle. This 90-minute period is the first cycle of sleeping and the time is getting reduced as you keep on sleeping through the glittering state of dreams. The most common occurrence of questions arises, when there is someone with the knowledge of a dream state starts wondering whether or not there is any significant meaning behind the dreams. This can appear like a symbol or guiding sign to be precise that maybe is of interest to you.

Well, an answer to this question heavily relies on how one is able to put the pieces of puzzle together. As Sigmund Freud’s dream theory suggests the most dreams occur as a repressed desire, wishes in disguise. Yet, this is just the tip of the ice-burg when it comes down to how significant dream is when it comes down to interpretation.

How can you interpret your dreams?

In order to know that, one have to be familiar with their dream states as vividly as possible. Getting familiar with you dreams is not so difficult. You can do it as well even if you feel like you do not dream or recall them. Just like any other skills, this is a skill that one can posses that give them a very personal edge over others. There are steps involved in order for you to get started with this state. One of the few is getting good amount of sleep, taking notes of your dreams and making signposts, reality check etc. All of these simple techniques can get you familiar with dream state so quick.

Why is it useful to be able to control your actions in your dreams?

There are many benefits of being a lucid dream practitioner as you can actually bring the result out of your dreams into this material or physical world. They, typically, will leave you with a wider and broad perspective of the world and due to them, the communication with other people will significantly change.

Since you will learn to control your dream state, you can virtually do anything you want. There is an evidence of people getting rid of their long-term fears, anxiety, stress, depression and found a much calmer state of mind. A little example would be, if you have a stage freight, you can perform on a stage in your dreams in front of audience. This can significantly drop down you fear in real world since you have practiced them from the bottom of your inner world.

There are many more direct evidences of how people greatly reaped the benefits of lucid dreaming.