The following was originally written by Mike Taylor. I have kept it pretty much intact, and only changed a few things. -- Fred Trafton

The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (GEPR) is designed as a reference for you to discover bands that are unfamiliar to you and to broaden your listening horizons. It is assumed you are already familiar with the "mainstream" or "big-time" progressive bands, such as Genesis, Yes, ELP, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Marillion, and King Crimson, plus a few others, and are looking for new territory to explore. Many of the bands below are compared to some of these major name prog bands, so it helps to be familiar with their work. There are entries for these "big-time" bands but they only serve as guidelines.

There are many artists included that you may not consider progressive. There are probably several that nobody considers progressive. All of them, however, may be of interest one way or another. There are psychedelic bands, electronic musicians, and fusion bands to be found. There are one or two bands that are included as warnings, perhaps because a progressive artist guested on an album but the music is nothing more than pop, or because it contains a cover of a progressive song though not covered in a progressive style. If you submitted a name as progressive, but it is wasn't included, it's because you didn't follow up with an entry nor did anyone else. I tried to be fairly broad-based in this survey to account for a wide variety of tastes and definitions of "progressive".

There are a few bands with no entries, but information was gleened from a catalog or book. References used included The Laser's Edge and Wayside mail order catalogs, Terry Hounsome's "Rock Record" (3rd Edition), The Rolling Stone "Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll", John Wagstaff's "The International Record and CD Price Guide 1950-1990", Barry McRae's "The Jazz Handbook", lists submitted by Mike McLatchey and Peter Thelen, and various discographies taken from the internet and the 60S_70S_PROGROCK echo on Fidonet.

The GEPR is arranged alphabetically by band or artist. Immediately following the name is the country of origin for the band. If the band has any samples posted on, then a link icon is provided to their page. Next, if available, a brief discography has been provided. If a link underline appears on an album title, this is a link to an outside album review, either at Ground and Sky, ProgressoR, Progressive World, or Axiom of Choice.

Following this are descriptions reviews for the group. After the entries are any known cross-references that lead to related bands. Finally, links to the band's web site or their label's site is provided if I could find one. The discographies are as up-to-date as I can find information for. If you have reliable information that is missing here, I would be glad to hear it and update the GEPR (see Can I Contribute to the GEPR?).