Strangelet Extended Liner Notes
A GEPR Exclusive
Thanks to Ernie Myers
Hands 2008 is:

Michael Clay: keyboards, guitar and sax
Mark Cook: Warr Guitar
John Fiveash: drums, percussion and vocals
Martin McCall: drums and percussion
Ernie Myers: vocals and guitar
Steve Powell: bass and vocals

1) Strangelet

This track is all Martin except for the distant piano (Michael) at the very end. The piano is from a transitional part of "Dark Matter". Martin is using a combination of a spring drum and a vibra-tone. (both are small hand held percussion instruments and there are multiple layers of each).

2) Dark Matter

Martin plays all of the drums on this tune except for the first rocked-out section where John and he are both playing different parts on their respective kits at the same time. (this is the only time on the entire album where they both play kits together).
Steve plays bass only at the very end of the song, the rest of the low and a lot of the high end strings are handled by Mark and his 14-stringed Warr Guitar. Most of the time he plays both parts at the same time (no overdubbing).
Michael plays all of the keyboards.
Ernie plays all of the acoustic and electric guitars.

3) Tambourin

Michael plays piano and all keyboards.
Mark on Warr Guitar
John on drum kit.
Martin plays a distant field snare in the middle otherwise it's all just the aforementioned three on this one.

4) Running Room

Michael - all keyboards
John - drum kit
Martin - tambourine, bar chimes and shaker
Steve - bass and fretless bass
Mark - Warr Guitar (he does the solo also)
Ernie - acoustic and electric guitars

5) Entry Of The Shiny Beasts

Michael - piano, keyboards and synth bass. This is also the only piece he plays alto saxophone on. He also plays the jazzy guitar parts in the bridges.
Mark plays Warr Guitar in the middle of the tune.
John does all the drums.
Ernie plays acoustic and electric guitars.

6) Miracle in the Mind

Martin plays all of the drums and percussion.
Mark plays his Warr Guitar with many overdubbed parts in the middle and at the end.
Michael plays the "dirty" organ parts.
Steve plays bass and some electric guitar. He also played all of the electronic insect noises, sounds, etc. (all in one take by the way) in the middle section as well as some keyboards at the end.
Ernie plays acoustic and electric guitars.

In the middle section Martin starts with the Djembe adds the Ashiko then the Ice Bell followed by his large Taiko ["taiko" is Japanese for drum] then his jazz solo on drum kit. The idea is to start off representing primitive man and end up with total sound chaos representing over population.

The sampled voices are Gandhi, Edison, Earhart, Woodrow Wilson, WWII radio from the invasion of Poland, insane preachers, etc.

Listen for a short backwards part in the middle of the middle. (it's "Zombieroch" from the first Hands album)

7) Rotten

Martin is the only one not playing (he had a big gig elsewhere that night). We ran over the tune a few times then recorded it live in the studio (no overdubs).

Steve - bass
Mark - Warr Guitar
Michael - guitar
Ernie - guitar
John - kit

By the way we actually played versions of all of these songs at ProgDay.