Photos from the Kalevala recording sessions

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Kalavala Sessions #1 - Instrumental and Vocal recording at Mattias Jarlhed's Apartment

Kalevala Sessions #2 - Drum recording at Studio 8, Falköping, Sweden

August 2, 2002. The summer is the hottest ever recorded in Sweden and Mattias' apartment faces south. No cooling fans, no AC. Just a large bottle of Coke and a couple of beers. Sweat. A rumbling in the clouds. What is that clicking noise in the music? Ah, the refrigerator's cooling system restarting, we have to mind that. Thirst. Coffee. Why don't I need to pee? More sweat. Me and Mattias crouching together in what really is intended to be a wardrobe, along with two keyboards, a computer, stereo, mixer, armchair, two stools and a lot of cables and stuff. Daniel two rooms and five meters of stereophone cord away, at the foot of the staircase to the attic, singing through Mattias' girlfriend's nightshirt strapped on a hanger to level out his "P"- "F"- and "T"-sounds. Jonas, standing in the hall, getting more and more frustrated and gradually dropping his clothes, as usual when his playing doesn't work the way he wants. Lightning knocking out the computer once or twice during the evening, the takes getting spoiled by the relay in the refrigerator. CLICK! Shit, shit, shit ... redo the guitar again, please! Jonas amplifier screaming loudly in the bedroom, the clock showing 1:00 a.m. Funny how the neighbours don't complain. Jonas being stark naked at 1:30. Hope the lightning doesn't strike too near.


Then the abrubt, immaculate quiet when suddenly everything is finished and the thunderstorm blows away. Yes, God was good to us today.

We're not a big band, never will be. For Simon Says, low budget recording is both an absolute necessity and a challenge. Nowadays, the advanced and relatively cheap recording technology makes it possible for a lot of bands like us to produce themselves, to make CD's at home and be in total control of their music and spread it to whoever may listen.

In a way, that's all you could ask."

-- Stefan Renström, September 20, 2002

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