May 3, 2005:
Stefan found the following, written last year for Colossus (the magazine), and thought it would be fun to put on the web site:

"A brief report from The Odyssey sessions, May 25th 2004:

Still polishing the structure of the song. Should Daniel sing here? Should he be quiet here? Should we all just keep quiet for the rest of the track? Why is it so hard to play guitar? Arguments and debates. Stefan: "The drums should really be that way". Matti: "Yes, but you can't play like that except on a f***ing drum machine!". Stefan: "I know. Now try it anyway". As usual the eternal conflict between strong minds. Daniel wants us to put in more vocals, cut some solos and wrap it all up at the end. Magnus wants us to cut some vocals, extend the solos and drop the wrapping up at the end. In the middle there is me feeling like I'm caught between two fires, just like Odysseus in the epic. Though I have a strong notion that the song will take us from one place to another. Time will tell. -- Stefan Renström"

I got to hear a pre-release version of this "song" ... over 25 minutes long and every minute an epic. Evidently, Simon Says members were able to work it out, because the end result is stunning. Everyone did a great job, especially Magnus who, I suspect, did get some of his keyboard solos extended a bit. And, now that it's done, Simon Says will have time to put the finishing touches on their second full album and finally get that released! Right, Stefan? Stefan? Where did he go? -- Fred Trafton

February 24, 2005:
Tracking is complete for "The Minds of Mortal Men (Meander Tales)" which will be one of the cuts on the Odyssey: The Greatest Tale album. This project is the latest from the Musea/Colossus team that brought you Kalevala: A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic and other project albums. Simon Says' contribution is over 25 minutes long, and uses all vintage '70's-style analog equipment. The album will be released in September 2005. -- Fred Trafton

February 11, 2005:
Stefan's other band, The Moor, is slowly awakening from a six year hibernation. Their newly recorded cover version of Chrome's "Armageddon" will be included on You Have Been Duplicated, a forthcoming Chrome tribute CD. Check out The Moor's home page Moorbase Alpha for further details. -- Stefan Renström

October 11, 2004:
Long time indeed [since the last news]. I hope everything is well at your end. It's a bit tricky at mine ... [the new album] has been put on ice [for the moment]. Right now we are laying down the last parts for the Colossus/Musea Odyssey suite. Jonas [came a few weeks ago] to play some guitar, then I will redo the bass, then mixing starts. Jonas also has become involved with some stars of the Swedish pop circuit, so he's playing a lot of foreign gigs with them now. Quite big venues in fact, up to 25,000. So he's having a lot of fun, adjusting and refining an endless array of immortal rock star poses, good for him :-)

Jonas is still living in another part of Sweden. But he has plans to move here to Gothenburg later this fall, so maybe then we'll find the time. Daniel is back from Berlin. He got tired of slaving in the kitchens of restaurants for practically no pay at all. But he found a nice, and cheap, apartment right smack in the centre of Berlin. Wonder how he does that? He lives in Gothenburg now, 100 meters from the sea. Ever the traveller.

I don't really know what the future will hold for the band. Me and Magnus have discussed putting Simon on ice after [the new album] is released, and instead writing some electronica (I have bought the digital versions of the Modular Moog system and the Yamaha CS80 and they really sound GREAT - some of the sounds you will hear on our next projects). But then again, I have tried to do this before. And failed. -- Stefan Renström

November 26, 2003:
Due to the band members pressed schedules Simon Says have declined to play on the next Colossus project, The Colossus of Rhodes. Instead, the band has accepted to contribute with 20-25 minutes of new music for the Finnish magazines next endeavour, The Odyssey, planned for release some time in 2005.

Meanwhile the next Simon Says album is developing. Drums, vocals, some keyboard and guitar tracks are finished - but new songs are added during the process, delaying the project. For commercial reasons some initial thoughts about making it a double CD have been abandoned. -- Stefan Renström

August 23, 2003:
Drum and vocal tracks for the next CD are recorded. We've had some major technical problems so the whole project is a bit delayed. Daniel has left Sweden for the Berlin bars and Berlin arts - and his sitar and his 12-string in my care, so now I can do whatever I want with them. Bet he'll regret it when he hears the record. On an early stage the music and first lyrics suggested the concept, so here we go. This time the songs deal with politics, decadence and survival. As was said - a bit more down to earth. Hmm. -- Stefan Renström

June 5, 2003:
... we'll start recording on June 28. Then we will be in quite a hurry, because Daniel has announced his intention to move to Berlin. Then he's probably off to India for two years, before coming home and building himself a house. At least that is what he WANTS to do. How this will affect our activities is not quite clear. Just that it will be a bit tricky. It's hard to imagine a Simon Says without Daniel. It's harder still to imagine myself not composing music for the band. Time will tell. -- Stefan Renström

May 14, 2003:
As for the next album, everything is written. There will be six tracks, ranging from a modest 3 minutes to a megalomanic 27. I have to make some changes in one of the songs, though, it's not good enough. Yet. As soon as we have rehearsed them, we will start recording. -- Stefan Renström

March 21, 2003
Simon Says are about to record approximately one hour of new music. The sessions will be sporadic, mixing should start at the end of summer. Hopefully a CD will be out next year. Daniel and I have decided to do it as another concept album, though this time it will be a little more down to earth than the two previous ones. -- Stefan Renström

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