Days shine love upon the world
Night is buried in it's tomb
And my heart is strangely stirred
When you're dancing through my room

Days shine gold upon the land
Your feet move around and 'round and 'round
Light is flowing through my hands
Dripping gently to the ground

Say what you will and say what you want to
Go where you will and stay if you want to
I'm just a man who writes off my fingers
High in the air, music that lingers

High in the air, I want you to witness
High in the air, notes or my princess
High in the air, notes for my goddess
I'm just a man a channel for love

Under The Seal

Five thousand millions of years we know
And countless words to describe
Five thousand millions of tears will flow
The epitaph for white man's tribe

We number the species by their names
And place the apes at the top
We make menues and weigh our lives on scales
But never know when to stop

Is this what we've learned?
Is this what they've earned?

In slaughterhouses we rank the nameless graves
And give them a line on page three
But some time ago we lived in caves
A life we should all have let be

Then one day in October life grew sad
The market fell with some six per cent
And money we lost that we'd never had
And then came the time to repent

There is still an answer
There is still a way
There is still a meaning
There is still a day

There are too many assumptions
Of how it was meant to be
There never are any questions
Of what's best for you and me

I know it's getting harder to feign every day
But if life wasn't getting us farther
What was there left to say?

A Bedtime Story

Said the child to the aged worldly man:
"Please Sir, give me a clue,
I want to grow up and be just like you"
Said the man (who'd forgotten who he was):
"Don't disturb me today, you innocent pup,
Get out of my way!"

Man, looks up from magazine:
Maybe reasons for taking are reason to give
Maybe seasons are turning to let the years live

Like the day follows night
And the night follows day
Once again

Splitter splat! on the rainsoaked pavement stones
I let myself drown in the drops from above
The rain's pouring down
Sits the cat on the fence, sees neighbour's spouse
Licking his lips, dreaming of trips
In the house of the mouse

Man, turns off TV set:
Maybe people grow weak
When their bodies grow older
Said the pimp to the whore
Then he walked out and sold her
Maybe flesh is the answer to why we exist
Maybe that's why we all disappear in the mist

Like the night follows day once again

Corpse's Dream

Corpse's Defense:
Dreams, dreams are all I have left behind me
I was stronger then believing there was right and wrong
Uneven songs for the people to sing
Let their voices ring out in the
Night time comes and wraps us in
It's black velvet skin rubbing our chins

Dreams, dreams - the only thing I could offer
Now it seems that's barely enough for this game
I bow down in shame
To seek forgiveness and absolution
From something I feel creeping up behind

Cat, joins corpse in coffin:
In the playground
Children give their parents satisfaction
Riding rocking horses
And the dragon roundabouts
While you sit on the park bench
Sucking juices from your pipe
Maggots eat your bones

In the supermarket sit the girls in perfect rows
Cashing in and cashing out
"Have a nice day", smile, "bye-bye"
While you sit in the corner
Sucking juices from their loins
Maggots eat your bones

Gathered in the graveyard
Is this family in grief
Children hide their faces
In this sanctuary of thieves
While you lie in your coffin
Sucking juices from the worms

Cat, wearing ugly face:
St-st-stay put and figure this out:
How come all the world is above you now
When your dreams were as good as gold?
I'm told you sold your your soul and your pride
To the reason for standing on top of the hill
Staring out from the cliff
Now you're still, your will is as dead
As dumb
As dull
As you are stiff, uh!

Man, looks up at glass ceiling in tea parlour:
"Chitter-chat" in the bourgeois tea saloons
The rain on the roof: "clitter and clat!"
Makes way for the cat
Stirring spoons and the sugar's added milk
But the cat doesn't care 'bout the meaning they share
He's not even there

Man, kisses wife good night:
So I laid down my book and turned out the light
All in all it's a story of wrong and of right
And if the meaning's not there for you people to see
You won't ever get any answer from me

Devonian Forest


Pilgrim's Progress

Once a man stood, a wandering monk for sure
Draped in a hood, alone upon the moor
He said to us all: "Seek and you shall find"
He said to us: "Go, there's wealth that's left behind"

And so we set out on this lonely quest
By the act of will of our holy guest

Grains of sand in the wind
We journeyed through lands forgotten by man
With noone asking us why

Grains of sand in the wind
We gave of our time as years went by
With noone telling us why

When we returned to ask our guest explain
Our homes were burned and nothing did remain

Sands of time in the wind
The bottle ran dry as years went by
With noone asking us why

Why we were grains of sands in the wind
And the monk for sure had opened the door
To put a curse on the moor

B.A.J.S. Radio

"B.A.J.S. Radio!"
"B.A.J.S. Radio!"

Every time I turn it one the answer's always there
On the radio
Everything it says to me, what I will do and dare
Easy living comes to me through the empty sky

Invisible armies marching through the blue
A crew of millstones turning round to find
And grind your heart, your soul
And everything that's you
It's true
Like glue, they've stuck onto your mind

Turn it on and I can be the ordinary man
Never need to think myself another than I am
Easy living, easy thoughts, just being what they want

But that's just lies the flies have planted in your head
Your dead inside and dying more each day
I say hey, you sucker, yellow turns to red
It's said it's sad but it's the motherfucker's way

But when I wake up tomorrow
I will have the same old sorrows
Though they told me on the show
That they would go away
Somehow there still is more to it
Than thinking you don't give a shit
But then you turn it on again
And again and again and again

"B.A.J.S. Radio!"

So I find myself there, sitting by the empty talk
From the radio
Reading, eating, drinking
Hitting roads just for a walk
That would lead us to a place where we can think ourselves
Thoughts that noone's thought before
Take books down from the shelves

And today I saw some broken
Disregarded human beings
That we never hear about on the morning news
They had hope and they had health
Though without material wealth
And looked as they didn't know the words "win" or "lose"
I shut my blinds upon the party
Writing it off as a heart-ache
That the evening show sure could stop

But I still see them standing there
The echo still remain, though their voices die
Can you hear them through the air?
Surging through the heavens
Across the sky?

Yes I still see them like before
I know it's no illusion, no evening show
Can you open up the door
To make their voices flow
Through the radio?

"Well listen now my friend:
Everything must end
There is no such thing the radio would bring
It's only in your dreams
Phantasies it seems
It would be well, I think, if you saw a shrink
Forget about the past
It will never last
Memories you know will never make it go
Don't think of it at all
Just keep within your walls
'Cause we don't need that show
On the radio

Can you dig it?
Your grave will be buried in itself
Can you dig it?
Why the fuck do you need books and shelves?
Can you dig it?
Our station's got you by the balls
Can you dig it?
No life outside the studio walls
Can you dig it?
We hold your ass in our vice
Can you dig it?
So if your'e looking for advice
Can you dig it?
If you don't want no shit on your toe:
Can you dig it?
Bow down to B.A.J.S Radio

"B.A.J.S. Radio!"


Black satin-like bowl
Spanning the world from east to west
Calm, jungle is deep
It goes to sleep
The humid hot air cools
And night becomes my guest

I could walk steeper paths
If the road would still be longer
I could climb higher mountains
My feet would still be stronger

Here, where spirits dwell
I feel so small yet I feel good
Here, on top of the world
I see the absurd of being
Soul awake in this neighbourhood

Kinabalu, your power is filling me with love
Kinabalu, your crown of diamonds miles above

Continents can crumble and die like dust
The seas run dry and air blow away
Dreams of Man can wither and turn to rust
In the end I guess you'll stay the same
Kings and queens can turn the tables
Armies march to war
Tie them, try them, take them away

Presidents and financers rule our lives
As long as money flows in their veins
The rich will still be richer, thanks to the poor
Polluted put away the sane
Kings and queens can close the files
While armies march to war
Tie them, try them, take them away

I can see lights
They're shining through the night
Stars guide my way
Tell wrong from right
I listened to their words
And flew up like a bird

I, guess I was taken by surprise
'Cause when I opened up my eyes
The skies were filled with heavy showers
Pouring down
The flowers withered like love dies

And I, never expected I would drown
Ten thousand feet above the ground
But then I realised it better
When I looked down I had a
Hell of a long way down
Love is like dreaming
For you, for me: forget

Now, is this the truth?
Is it the ache I feel inside?
When you think of it it's sad:
I gave all that I had
Could it really not have been enough?

And By The Water

Simon, shaving in the bathroom mirror:
Here, naked I stand
The flesh and blood that constitutes a man
So treat my body well and save my soul from ...

A sudden rush of emotions iterrupts Simon's thoughts. Images parade at a frantic pace as he feels the floor glide away. Dizzy by vertigo he floats weightless through an everchanging tapestry of events. Then everything stops and he finds himself on a sandy beach, dark cliffs looming above. As the moon appears, he realizes he has been here before. This is where the music begins.

Simon, laying down on the white sand:
And by the water
Stillness comes at last and so I sleep
Whispering the wind of secret dreams
And promises to keep
There she comes to me and says she'll set me free
She takes my hand and leads me to the lake
The moon shines in her hair
Like faeries dancing there
Bewildered by her beauty I awake

The Siren's Song

And by the water
I tried my best to never let it show
For years just a memory
A dream that I once lived so long ago
Then she comes to me, she smiles and sets me free
The living lie dies through my tearstained eyes
Waves roll in so I can shed my skin
Breathe in some air, then smell the scent and open
Eyes shine in the dark, showing me the way
Eyes follow the spark, that will lead the day
To guide my way
The way to truth and hope and love

Paradise Square

Community City. Simon's house overlooks the great Paradise Square. Stone pillars encircle the open space where the pilgrims chant to worship their God. At the center, in a wooden ark, lie the ancient relics: The Scriptures and The Mirror of Truth.

Simon, looking out through the window:
The noise from the crowd
Growing louder and louder 'til it fills the air
A voice, shouting loud, rumbles on and on
About the faith they share
Nurtured by hate
And the fear it creates everywhere
Condemned for all time
To rule over Paradise Square

The scarecrow, thinking back:
And I, I thought that I was stronger than before
Broke out of the cage
To turn a new page in my book
People and places, their names flashing by
So many the faces that only know how to try

Simon, closing the window to shut out the sound:
The blood in my veins growing hotter and hotter
'Til it boils my mind
The echo of pain, chilling waves and waves
That shiver down my spine
Lost in their eyes
Are the visions of the wise as they stare
Condemned for all time
Imprisoned in Paradise Square

The scarecrow, frowning:
And I, I dreamed I was the champion of the world
I'd stand up and fight
With all of my might 'til the end
People and places soon all were the same
A few were the traces
The shards of my broken name

Simon stolls along the rainsoaked pavement stones. His home no longer seems to be the sanctuary it was. The notion of God as his personal God now only a childish dream.

Simon, unlocking door:
So strange, that game I played
Was never to be won
I walk through silent streets, hiding from the sun
To see me as before
To try to end the war
But heaven never opens the door

Simon, hanging hat on hook:
A headline in The Evening Post
Said the dying days were gone
I shut my window tight and switched the TV on
The way I can stay sane
Is to be thankful for the pain
God walks all alone in the rain

Simon sits in front of the talk show on the TV, staring at the rain hammering against the window. From out of the shadows behind the piano a masked figure emerges. The Murderer slowly comes forward, one step after another. Simon, paralyzed, eventually faints, whirling through schizoid sceneries. Body floating numb through space, the starsslowly gliding by. Then, through layer upon layer of visions, he dimly sees The Murderer stepping heavily nearer and nearer, reaching out, his red legions chanting in unison. As the dark figure fills his entire field of sight, Simon notices a white glove on The Murderer's right hand.

The Murderer, picking Simon up by his hair:
Hear my name, feel my face burning
Smell my breath, reek of death and decay
Catching souls, catching cold fever
You never know where I am
You never can hide your face
From the death, fear and disgrace
Catching time, catching the ones you love
You know I think it rings so good,
Think it rings so true
I Think it rings in me like you;
Lo, the names are written on every wall
Engraved cathedral halls
And in every single place
It's echoed in time and space
Behold the man

The Dualistic Duel

As the Murderer and his legions fade away Simon discovers he is walking alone on a moor. A burned village lies before him and on the far horizon he can see the silhouette of Community City. Even from this distance, specks of light from the pilgrims' torches spiraling up the hill are clearly visible.

So the story goes
Who knows for how long?
Pilgrims climb the hillside
On their way up to Paradise Square
Hoping it is there

So the story goes
Who knows for how many?
Pilgrims' feet grow weary
From the burden they surely can bear
If Paradise is there

Simon walks in the other direction. Many years pass.

Striking Out a Single Note for Love

Sir Simon le Meurdre of Telecom Enterprises Ltd is looking out over Big City from his penthouse luxury, whilst sexually served by two big-boobed blondes in black and blue blouses.

Sir Simon:
So dedicated, articulated
To the top floor elevated
By definition I'm decision
Full of focus and precision

Blonde #1:
Striking out a single note for love

Sir Simon:
Come, share the communion
That makes me the chosen son
Come taste the promise I sell to you
Raindrops may keep falling
But only on frozen ones
Eyes turning grey and their faces blue

Sir Simon, staring into the bathroom mirror, masturbating:
All these notions like explosions
Set my wheels in constant motion
So derating and so debating
Ejaculating I am stating I'm

Blonde #2:
Striking out a single note for love

Sir Simon, pulling trousers on:
Suddenly the earth cracks
And sucks me deep down the drain
Darkness around me I cry insane
Time is moving faster, hours turn into days
Then I'm spat out on the road again

Sir Simon le Meurdre trots down on a rugged road below a rubbled slope. Suddenly he hears a rumble from above and realizes he is in great danger - huge blocks of stone tumble towards him. He flees down the hill, chased by the rolling rocks. From a gate beside the road figures emerge, dressed in colourful clothes. One of them walks towards Simon. The slide comes to a rest.

Then everything was quiet
Everything was calm
And a man came forth, he was three feet tall
He kept clinging to my arm, and he said

The Midget Scarecrow rubbing his beard against Sir Simon's cheek:
Come on now and show me
That you're something else than bad
You, who left your life and pride behind
Yes, everything you had

As Simon tries to find the words he fails and wails in pain and the Midget Scarecrow presents The Mirror of Truth. Dazed and confused, Simon sees the face of a clown looking back at him. Then he discovers the oversized brown shoes on his feet, and stumbles through the gate, falling down on foul-smelling hay. The main attraction of the circus.

Years later, Simon is walking the tightrope with a wooden staff in his hands. The audience holds it's breath in anticipation, waiting - as usual - for Simon to loose his balance and drop into the elephant-dropping hay.

The man had gone away
I had nothing left to say
Was this just a dream that didn't fit the scheme?
Where did I go wrong?
Where did my soul belong?

The Murderer, waiting on a platform at the other end of the rope:
Living is a tightrope walk that leads into the grave
Nothing left to give
Nothing left to save
Spirits come and spirits go as destiny wants them to
All is preordained
Nothing's ever new

Simon, almost loosing his balance when he sees the veiled figure:
I just sat down and thought
Of the lesson I was taught
Was this just a dream cracking at the seam?
Should I turn away from the path I walk today?

The Scarecrow, taking the Murderer's place, throwing Simon the Scriptures:
Living is a tightrope walk that leads into the grave
Nothing left to give
Nothing left to save
Spirits come and spirits go as destiny wants them to
All is preordained
Nothing's ever new
Then the circus comes again
And brings you to the start
Giving you a soul and the beating of your heart
Your heart

The Scarecrow disappears in a flash of light and Simon falls down in the hay. The audience bursts with laughter and only the animal excrements seem to hear his words.

Times have now fled, but the memory's young
Of the little man ending my calm
And though I was hurt
I know that he meant me no harm
For now I'm much older
Not wiser, but colder
I caught a short glimpse of the dove
I once thought I knew
My god
Who is striking out a single note for love?

The parade begins, with Simon in the center. More and more circus artists dance around him, mocking. Simon begs for mercy through the chaos, but noone listens. Eventually they leave.

Fly In a Bottle

Simon again finds himself on the moor by the burned village, clutching the Scriptures in his right hand. In the cold and quiet of the starless night he kneels by a singing stream. Silently he releases the remains of his God.

The scriptures leave my hand
And are scattered by the wind
Still to me it seems the music may begin
The voices far away sing of virtue and of sin
Still to me it seems that
I could never turn into another
Hiding under cover
I am my own lover

The Scarecrow:
All the words that have been spoken
Empty promises lie broken
You try to change me
Like my mother wanted to
Still I stand but stand forgotten
A maggot crawling for the bottom
You try to change me
Like my brother wanted to

My hungry eyes grow dim
As the scarecrow stops and kneels
Still to me he seems the only who believes
Reflections of my life
I see in what he thinks and feels
Still to me it seems that
I could never turn into another
Hiding under cover I am my own lover

The Murderer:
All the words that have been spoken
Empty promises lie broken
You try to change me
Like my mother wanted to
Still I stand but stand forgotten
A maggot crawling for the bottom
You try to change me
Like my brother wanted to

Insight hits him like a train and he flees the village, scaling the first hills of the mountain range, ever climbing upwards to find a way across the barrier of stone. But cold rain pains his face and he takes shelter in a small cave. There he meditates on his malice.



White Glove

The morning sun is streaming into his eyes. He leaves the cave and sits down on the edge of a cliff, a huge bird circling above him.

Simon, looking out over the plains where Community City stands:
A world has changed
Though the names are all the same
Once, thought I knew them all
And oh, what a shame
The world has changed
People I remember are just ripples on the pool

No sound from the square
Only time is dwelling there
So easy the lesson was and oh, how I tried
Time rolls by
People become shadows at the bottom of the sea

The harder they come, the harder they fall
I stand by the crossroad,
Counting the seconds going by
The higher they fly the louder they cry
Chased by the fox, I stand by the docks
The clock ticks and tocks

The Murderer, presenting a hammer.
This, old fool, is the way to waste a tool:
Hold it in steady hands, bang on the wall
Hard, that's all
People, passing strangers
Are like dust on desert sand

Simon, not listening:
The harder they come the harder they fall
I stand by the counter
Checking my bags for drugs and tags
The higher they fly the louder they cry
I stand by the door, just as before, oh what a bore

Simon sits for a long time, brooding on dark thoughts. But then a ray of sun warms his face and a cry of the eagle above him caresses the air. An almost triumphant sense of relief and joy fills him and with light steps he walks away from the cliff and on to the high plateau. He passes a house, surrounded by a garden labyrinth. Fog falls and he looses his way. As the mist clears, he is standing beside a park bench next to a chopped down tree. Simon sits down, lulled almost to sleep by the peace and quiet of this place, where time seems to have no importance. Then a movement catches his eye.

A white glove lies at the fallen tree
The Scarecrow stops and smiles
He picks it up and tries it on for size
Inside the labyrinth he hides and wanders for a while
The bullet hits him right between the eyes

The Murderer gracefully rises from his hiding place in the hedge. The apparition hovers in slow motion towards the victim. Swarms of butterflies flutter in circles around him.

The last grain in the hourglass falls gently to the floor
The murderer carefully picks his nose and sighs
With one hand covered and one hand cold
He bows and says goodbye
In his trade never hurts to be nice

The enchantment breaks. Simon cries out and reveals himself to the Murderer, who flees. The chase leads up the hills. Running through a mountain village, the Murderer eludes Simon, who stops, panting for breath in the midst of a religious ceremony. As the dervishes dance, Simon discovers The Murderer in the crowd and the chase goes on, down a tunnel into a hall, lit by red light from a huge pyre in the center. The corpse of the Scarecrow is placed on the fire and they both halt.

Simon throws himself on his opponent and they wrestle. Suddenly, as Simon feels his strength fade swarms of butterflies come to his aid. The murderer is lifted in the air and Simon follows the fluttering figures towards the light. But as he emerge into the daylight the Murderer is unveiled by the butterflies - and Simon stares into his own face. Nauseated he flees, now hunted by the Murderer, reaching out with his gloved hand. As Simon is caught by the shoulder, he is spun round and he prepares himself to die. But instead his opponent embraces him, letting his mind flow into Simon's, sharing his entire being. Simon finally understands. His journey is over. All is completed. Only one thing remains. Happily, they walk together, back to Community City and the Cathedral Court.

The judge, while waving a hammer in front of Simon:
Suffer now, you pretty individual
And say you've got the whole world in your hands
Indulge yourself with boredom and depression
And call yourself the master of the land

The prosecutor, putting on ballet shoes:
You should have listened
To your mother's warning call
You should have stayed
Inside your daddy's glowing balls

The murderer:
So here I am, your honour, here I am your grace
Ready for my sentence

Simon, not noticing he is wearing the white glove:
I spit into ...

The Scarecrow, banging the judge's club hard against the table:
Your cynic world has turned itself upon you
No wonder that you never learned to love
Pathetic little creature without pity
Your time is up so hand me back my glove

The hedge hog jury:
World is turning round and round
Creation spinning faster
Beggars walk the streets
While you try to find your master
Locked inside your mind
Is the drama you invented
Turning you to dust and dreams,
Dying and demented, decadent, depraved
And bereft of all your pride
You hide your head in sand, unable to decide
Which way the wind will blow
If you think about tomorrow
Dreams will chase away the sun
Silent spring of sorrow

The prosecutor, dancing on the table:
You should have listened
To your mother's warning call

The hedge hog jury:

The prosecutor:
You should have stayed
Inside your daddy's glowing balls

The hedge hog jury:

The judge, drooling:
So there you are, amigo, at the last step of your race
And as becomes a desperado you spit into my face
So there you are, you heathen
Blasphemy and hate is nothing to believe in
The hours getting

Simon, finding himself back in the bathroom, removing the razor blade he holds pressed against his throat:
Here, naked I stand
The remnants of what once was called a man
When God points out the door
Will I walk across the floor?
Should I go? Continue the show?


Simon, standing high above the plain:
Fly high in the air, king of the heavens
I wonder where your journey ends
And why it began

Fly master of time, to the cities of the sunrise
I stand in awe and try to see
Myself through your eyes

Fly, king of the world
Though I doubt your existence
I plant the seeds of wing and word
And hope that they grow

As The River Runs
From the Colossus/Musea Project album
Kalevala: A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic
English Version

From gushing silver springs it flowed
The love I thought I'd sowed
Like the creek runs 'cross the good land
And I followed it with strong hands
To hold firmly on to that you cannot hold

How fickle it is, love can't mend
Like sunlight when days end
Bitter sweet it's shining
Spreading warmth, but it's declining
The cruel cold hand of night catches me once again

I drift on the river
And I hear it whispering her name
How deep the waters here, the harbour far from me
I float on time's stream
And I see all things vanish
Run over the edge of the sea

He floats on the river
And I hear it crying out his name
How cold his grave must be so far out on the sea
He floats on time's stream
And I see how he's fading
As it runs over the edge of the world

The Minds of Mortal Men (Meander Tales)
From the Colossus/Musea project album
Odyssey: The Greatest Tale
(Due to be released September 2005)

(i) Meander Tales


(ii) Women Are Deadly

Hey woman
Give me wisdom now
Share of your mind
And we'll sail home somehow
Through restless waters
Our tall ship will leave

Wine flowing
Chasing the fear away
Given some more
They will swim home today
Fools to the slaughter
You enchant them

Hear me now Odysseus
Hear me now Odysseus
Now take heed
Don't you listen to the siren's call
Stand tall
Or you are bound to fall
Women are deadly
They lust for your blood
Then you'll see the rockface
Watching the waters
If you hurry by
Perhaps you'll live
I know
That is the way to go
That woman is deadly
I wish you God's speed
But no more blood will flow tonight
Wine will flow tonight

Hey woman
Lead me to believe
Show me a way
Out of this maddening dream
Am I a prisoner
Of the danger inside?

Time flying
Slippin' right through my hands
Here I lie stranded
Washed up on the sand
Give me direction
Where noone will die
Love and affection
In your arms I will lie

Hear me now Odysseus
Hear me now Odysseus
Now take heed
You will see
An island with a tree
The hidden creature there
That woman is hungry
For sailors like you
Swallowed by her maelstrom
Two deadly sisters
There is nothing
You could ever do
I know
That's where you mustn't go
That woman most deadly
She'll swallow you whole
Into her mouth
You all will flow

(iii) Meander Tales, pt 2


(iv) Sexagon (08:56)

Heat I feel inside
I must cool down
With the thought of my love
My manhood tells me: "No"
But I'm harder than that
Though desire still throbs
In my flesh
Away! You bloodsuckling monsters
This day you'll be out of control
My men! There's danger ahead now
You've done this before
Set sail, man the oars
Don't worry
It's just another war

Sail on
Sail on
Sail on
Sail on

(v) Maelstrom


(vi) Mother of All Monsters (14.58)


(vii) Forbidden Land

This shore
Though quiet and peaceful now
Is forbidden land
For men like us
This is the island of the sun
Where the sacred oxen run
Gods, what have we done?

Absolution I'll try to find
But who knows what things
Might go on in the mind
Of a god we defy?
So get your things together now
I'll find a way to leave somehow
To the mighty I will bow

Hear my voice
I pray for a way
Out of this maze
For pity's sake
Have mercy on us all
Here my call
Echo every corner of your hall

My men, what have you done?
Are your minds as weak as you?
Circumstances new
Just one thing to do:
Cut the ropes
Maybe we'll make it through

(viii) White Water

God's wrath raging
Ocean raving
Boiling water
Spray flies
Wind cries
All around us
Waves are chrashing
Sea is splashing
Lightning flashing
And we're falling
To the calling
And we're closer
Ever closer
Ever closer
Ever closer
To our doom

(ix) Minds Of Mortal Men

And so my path is crossed again
And so I'm lost again
The ocean is much deeper
Than minds of mortal men
And so I'll hold my peace today
And wait for come what may
The gods in sacred splendour
Present a way to be
Oh, to be
To be all that is me

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