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The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Sarah Dempster
Friday June 18, 2004
The Guardian

Original article Fred's Commentary
This website is run by a middle-aged American called Fred Trafton. Fred wears tinted spectacles and a smile that suggests he enjoys performing everyday tasks in the nude (except for gardening, which is possibly undertaken in a small kimono he bought before a Phish gig in 1986). Wow, she can tell that just by looking at my smile? Damn, she's good. Actually, I bought the kimono at a Gerard concert, though.
Fred's great, but his knowledge of prog is as exhausting as it is exhaustive. Even confirmed progophiles may find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of obscure acts catalogued here. Hence, what starts as an amusingly prolix stroll through familiar fields (Genesis, ELP, Yes et al) soon descends into a terrifying scramble through the overgrown forest of progressive insignificance ("when less klezmerish, Finland's Alamaailman Vasarat remind me of Nimal or early Begnagrad," he writes, incomprehensibly). Actually, the Alamaailman Vasarat review was written by Nenad Kobal, and I found this sentence to be incomprehensible myself. But I'll admit to having penned plenty of incomprehensible crap myself. This just isn't an example of my crap. And, I just love the phrase, "a terrifying scramble through the overgrown forest of progressive insignificance".
Thankfully, a warm gust of humour enlivens Fred's folly. Admittedly, his gags are unlikely to have you wetting your kaftan ("my wife turned me on to Clannad ... in fact, she just turned me on!" splutters one bladder-buster) but then, in the valley of prog, the almost-wag is king. I would point out a better bladder-buster if I could think of one. Try the Spinal Tap entry, it's got a few chuckles in there. In the meantime, I couldn't agree more with characterizing the GEPR as "Fred's folly".