Put the GEPR on your Palm™ and other handheld devices

Thanks to Claudio Hernández for converting the web version of the GEPR to this iSilo™-readable database format for handheld devices. This is a text-only version of the GEPR (no band photographs), but is completely cross-linked to all pages within the GEPR, including the Genre Guide V2.0 and Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock Instruments. On the latest version, the alphabetical band list is available (touch the "Full Bandlist" banner at the top of the home page).

The list of handheld deviced supported by iSilo™ has expanded. V4.3 is now available for Palm™ OS handheld computers, Pocket PC's, Windows Mobile™ SmartPhones, Windows® CE Handheld PC's and Symbian UIQ and Series 60 devices. If you have any of these devices, a copy of iSilo™ and about 3.5 megs of spare memory, you can take the GEPR with you wherever you go! Well, the October 2005 GEPR at least. For the latest and greatest version, you'll still need web access.

Download a previous Palm™ version of the GEPR
Previous version: GEPR 10/31/03 Release
Palm Memory Requirements: 3146K
Download a previous Palm™ version of the GEPR
Previous version: GEPR 5/21/04 Release
Palm Memory Requirements: 3225K
Download the newest Palm™ version of the GEPR
Latest version: GEPR 10/21/05 Release
Palm Memory Requirements: 3579K
Obtain the iSilo™ reader for use with the above file


  1. You need a copy of iSilo™ to read the GEPR on your handheld (unless you've already downloaded it before). Click on "Obtain" above to go to their web site. Follow their download instructions there for the free demo version. Warning: the newer versions of iSilo™ have a 30-day expiration after which links no longer function, making the GEPR virtually useless. If you want to use it beyond the 30-day trial period, you'll need to pay iSilo™ their twenty bucks. In my opinion, well worth it.
  2. Download one of the pdb files by clicking on one of the the "Download" links above. The latest one (10/21/05 release) is recommended.
  3. Call up your Palm Desktop Software (or similar program for other handhelds) on your PC and click the "Install" icon to prepare to transfer the .pdb file to your handheld.
  4. Perform a hotsync. The GEPR will appear on your handheld. Access via the iSilo™ icon. The database will show up on your handheld as a file named "GEPR Palm".

This page last updated 1/17/06