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I've resisted the temptation for a long time now, but I've recently seen several progressive rock DVD's that are so good that I need to share them with you. So, with this release of the GEPR, I inaugurate the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock DVD's. Like the rest of the GEPR, this section will be pretty limited unless GEPR readers start to contribute their own reviews. I haven't had enough time to keep up with progressive rock CD's in the way I'd like ... I really don't have time to personally see every prog DVD or other video in existence. So please, if you see a progressive rock video you like (or hate), please write up a review for the GEPR/DVD. If you would like to add your own view of a DVD I've already reviewed, by all means send it in! But especially in the beginning, I'd like to hear about DVD's that aren't already listed.

Though I expect this section to contain mostly reviews of DVD's, I will also be happy to accept reviews of VCD's (especially from Asian countries where this video format is quite popular) or even "obsolete" formats like VHS or Beta tapes, laserdiscs or film videos. If you're reviewing a video in a format other than DVD, please mention it in your review. If you have any clues about the availability of these items and where they can be obtained, please also include that in your write-up. I'll even accept write-ups on MPEG videos included on Enhanced CD's or available on the Internet.

This section will be set up the same way I eventually want to reorganize the main GEPR ... one page per entry, instead of all the entries on a single page. With high-speed Internet access growing more prevalent, the load time for full pages isn't as bad as it used to be. But I still intend to start this one right. As with the audio GEPR, there is one entry per band, with the band's videography listed instead of discography. The links section will send you back to the band's GEPR entry as well as the band's web site. Enjoy! -- Fred Trafton