Galahad [UK]
Updated 1/4/07

Resonance - Live in Poland (06)

Resonance - Live in Poland

Track Listing:

  1. Intro: Montagues and Capulets (Prokofiev)
  2. I Could Be God
  3. Year Zero (Parts 1 to 4)
    1. Yearzeroverture
    2. Belt Up
    3. Ever the Optimist
    4. The Charlotte Suite
  4. Bug Eye
  5. Sidewinder
  6. Sleepers
  7. Empires Never Last
  8. Termination
  9. This Life Could Be My Last ...

Since I'm over here in the USA, I would never get to see a band like Galahad playing live, unless they someday happened to be booked at a prog festival. But it never would have occurred to me that my first chance to see them would be from a concert in Poland, not the UK. This DVD, Galahad - Resonance - Live in Poland is one of a new product line from a new Polish company, Metal Mind Productions, which specializes in rock DVD's of live Polish concerts, mostly prog and prog-metal. Resonance was released at the same time as Pendragon's And Now Everybody To The Stage DVD (and looks as if it was part of the same concert, though I don't know who opened for who).

The videography and sound quality is excellent, giving a good impression of what the concert must have been like with a minimum of annoying video effects, etc. A high-quality video of a very good concert, I wish I could have been there. It was quite interesting to see vocalist Stuart Nicholson belting out his lines with face make-up reminiscent of Peter Gabriel (Genesis), Peter Nicholls (IQ) or Matthew Parmenter (Discipline). I must admit, though, the phrase, "isn't he getting a little old for this?" did cross my mind ...

The band for this concert is still the 2002 Year Zero line-up of Spencer Luckman (drums, percussion), Stuart Nicholson (vocals), Roy Keyworth (guitar) and Dean Baker (keyboards) except for Lee Abraham replacing Pete Wallbridge on bass guitar.

In addition to the video, there are supposedly some audio-only tracks on this DVD, though I haven't gone hunting for them, so I can't even say anything about how they're supposed to be accessed. But the video is good stuff, and worth checking out if you're a fan of Galahad's style of Neo-Prog. If you read my CD reviews of the band, you'll know where I stand. -- Fred Trafton

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