Submissions for inclusion, corrections and additions of any type are strongly encouraged! If you want to contribute to the GEPR, e-mail me at If you are adding an act that I am not familiar with, and I have doubts as to whether that act is appropriate for the GEPR, I'll need some sort of verification. I can't say exactly what will work, other than that independent verification is generally my watchword, when in doubt.

General Guidelines

There is no need to ask me if you can contribute to the GEPR. Of course you can!! [big grin] The GEPR depends on user contributions for growth and diversity of opinion. Please just send your contribution and I'll get it added as soon as possible. But please consider the following before submitting:

Errors of Fact
Do not tell me my opinion about a band is wrong. Remember that many people contributed to the GEPR. In many instances, you don't know who wrote the entry. Plus, and most importantly, opinions can't be wrong as they merely reflect one person's perspective. Provide your own perspective, instead. I would like to know about incorrect facts, however; perhaps an album was released in 1983, not 1993, or Bob Runner was never a member of Anekdoten. These errors I need to know about.

Where can I buy...?
I have tried to find sources for albums on the Internet. Where I was successful, you will find links to mail-order houses listed after the band entries. Please note that I have not personally done business with all of these vendors, and I am making no claims about their quality, speed or honesty by listing them here! If there is no such link, I can't help you find an album to buy. Please check Phil Kime's FAQ files for sources of Progressive Rock.

That band's not Prog!
Don't bother telling me a band is not Progressive and doesn't belong in the GEPR. The GEPR takes a broad perspective and includes some "fringe" bands. Most bands are in the GEPR for one reason or another, even if it only serves as a warning.

Why isn't the Paper Cut Ozone Band listed?
Though you may find it hard to believe, I haven't personally heard of every progressive rock / prog-metal / fusion / ambient / electronic / avant-garde act on the planet. There are thousands of unsung acts around the world today, and there have been many others in the past. They range in quality from spectacular to absolutely excruciating crap. Some are famous and have huge international tours. Others record in their garage home studio and release CDR's with jewel case graphics printed out on their personal computers. I'm interested in all of them, but if they're not listed, it's probably because I don't know anything about them. If you have a favorite (or despised) prog act that's unlisted, write up a few paragraphs about them for the GEPR (unless you're a member of the band, in which case see below)! Send your entry to me in the body of an e-mail or as attachements of plain text or a Microsoft Word document and I'll publish them. Send to If you have info about the band's web site, band photos or discography, you'll also be making my life easier by including this information as well. Don't just send an e-mail saying "please include this band". If I know nothing about them, I won't create an entry for them unless I have an original write-up to go with it. Please note that I can't publish other author's reviews without their specific permission, so write your own. I don't care how bad your English is ... if it's too terrible, I'll edit it so that it's understandable. But I do need your entries to be in English.

I'm in a Prog band! Can you include me in the GEPR?
I constantly get e-mail saying: "We're a progressive rock band and we'd like you to include our band in the GEPR with a link to our home page. Thanks. The GEPR is cool."

The GEPR is cool! Unfortunately, several of the bands that have requested addition and links are not Prog, not even under the broad umbrella provided by the GEPR. I'll check their page and find them compared to Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, not Yes or the Ozrics. They're a "progressive" rock band, not a "Progressive Rock" band. Such bands are simply trying to get as much exposure as possible; While I don't blame them, I don't appreciate the GEPR being abused in this way, either.

If you really are in a "Progressive Rock" band, I will be happy to include your band or bands on your label in the GEPR. But consider this:

You may want to consider sending promotional material to me for review. If you do so, I will give a fair and honest evaluation of the music and write it up for the GEPR. If you wish to do this, e-mail me at and I will give you a mailing address to send the materials to.

At the least, have a fan or two of your music write a review for the GEPR. Do NOT send me a bunch of press clippings and ask me to include them in the GEPR. Such reviews are copyrighted and protected by law. If a fan contacts you, says they love your band and are telling all their friends, point them in the direction of the GEPR and ask them to consider writing an entry. Loyal fans write rave reviews, the best kind of exposure you can get!

Now, I hope I haven't discouraged you. If you are in doubt and have a question about a submission, please write to me. I'm asking you to first consider the above, however, to make the maintenance of the GEPR easier for me.

-- Fred Trafton (Last updated 10/31/03)