Jerry Kosak

Rose Bustamante

Phil Jeffery
Bass Guitar

Jon Glimpse

Fred Trafton


Update 1/20/12:
After 30 years collecting dust in Fred's closet, the Chosen studio album once again sees the light of day! Remastered and with some bonus tracks, our 1982 cassette now enters the digital age, and is available to listen to on the widget below, or can be downloaded for your favorite MP3 player for a paltry $5.00 from Bandcamp (click the album cover at the left in the widget to go there).

If there's enough interest, a live album may follow ... yes, Fred still has recordings of many of Chosen's concerts, in varying degrees of quality. I should be able to put together a semi-listenable live album collected from Chosen's concert days.

But better yet, there are mutterings about a Chosen reunion album. Fred and Jerry are totally up for it, and I'll bet Phil and Rose could be convinced. Show us you care by ordering our 1982 masterpiece from Bandcamp.

Well, we thought it was a masterpiece. Even now I think it's pretty darn cool. Judge for yourself. The money will be used to help finance the new album. Maybe we can buy Jerry some new guitar strings or something ... we sure as heck aren't going to retire on this income!

by Fred Trafton, July 2002

Chosen was a Christian Progressive Rock band working in the Phoenix, Arizona area in 1982 (also known as "The Dark Ages of Progressive Rock"). They recorded one album and a demo, both released only on cassette. They broke up shortly after the keyboardist, Fred Trafton, had to leave town because of a new job in California. But while they were around, they reminded whoever heard them that Progressive Rock wasn't dead ... only ... uhm ... well, it was still dead, but Chosen just refused to believe it.

Okay, so Chosen didn't always look as cool as the photos above. These were all taken at Chosen's Halloween concert in 1982. This is how we would like to be remembered ... even if we weren't always this theatrical, it's the way we always wanted to be. But Christian audiences tend to be ... well ... a bit stuffy about people acting strange, and guys wearing makeup and leotards and stuff. God knows the music was already odd enough to scare many of Chosen's audiences. So usually, they looked more like this in their concerts:

Left to Right: Fred Trafton (keyboards), Jerry Kosak (guitars, vocals),
Jon Glimpse (drums), Rose Bustamante (vocals, flute, latin percussion) and Phil Jeffrey (bass)

Update 5/6/05:
This little web page was recently found by Jerry Kosak, and he actually wanted to link to it from his site, so I've spruced up this page just a little. If anyone would like to know more about Chosen, drop me a line at and encourage me. I have lots of old Chosen memorabilia to add, including song lyrics, newspaper clippings, an old concert schedule and more photos. Maybe, just maybe, someday even MP3's of our demo and album [now available ... see announcement of Bandcamp release above]. -- Fred Trafton