Dean, Roger
Updated 7/8/11

Roger Dean's album covers are too numerous to list. Click here for a listing in his Wikipedia entry
Here's a small sampling of some of his most famous, iconic album covers:
Artist's Biography
Roger Dean

THE Roger Dean. Without him, there would be no point in a GEPR section about progressive rock artists. He invented the concept. Anyone who's ever had their breath taken away by a Yes album cover knows who he is. There's not much I really need to say about him. Go to his web site below for details of his work and be inspired.

I will expand on this entry at a later time. For now, consider it a placeholder and enjoy the video below. -- Fred Trafton

Click here for Roger Dean's web site
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Howarth, Matt
Updated 7/13/11

Click here for a list of Matt Howarth's album covers on his web site
Long-Range Influence (11, by Ozone Player, PDF Graphic Novel included on CD)
Artists's Biography
Matt Howarth self-portrait - note album covers on the wall, and stacks of LP's and CD's behind him. Don't ask me what that is crawling on his ceiling ...

Matt Howarth has been active in the field of comics since the mid-1970s. Howarth is influenced both by science fiction authors like Philip K. Dick, and comics artists like Ditko, Wrightson, Moebius and Druillet. He also finds much of his inspiration in listening to progressive music, and frequently uses prog rock musicians as characters in his comics (for a partial list, click here).

Howarth has done album cover art for many cassettes, CD's and LP's over the years. The list is too long to repeat here. Howarth keeps a listing here on his web site.

In 2011, Howarth collaborated with Finnish electronic musisian Otso Pakarinen Ozone Player to create a graphic novel that goes with the music on the album. The graphic novel is included as PDF files on the CD. -- Fred Trafton

Click here for Matt Howarth's web site