Once upon a time, I thought it would be a good idea to add a "Gibraltar Webzine" to the GEPR. I thought that I might put out a few "issues" a year with articles written by me and GEPR readers that didn't fit well into the Encyclopedia format. Well, after only two issues and no time to do any more, I've decided to create a new area ... you're looking at it now, it's called "GEPR Articles". I've saved all the good stuff from the Webzine here and moved the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock Instruments and the Guide to Progressive Rock Genres V2.0 to this index as well. So think of this as a "Webzine" that continues to add new articles from time to time.

If you have any thoughts about the progressive rock scene that you would like to tell the world about, submit them to me, webmaster@gepr.net. These might be prog rock concert reviews, interviews with or personal histories of with your favorite prog band/artist or even personal thoughts like March of the Mellotrons by J. Eric Smith. I already have a couple of other new articles that will show up here whenever I get them HTML-ready. Consider this your personal "progressive rock soapbox" and I'll get your thoughts added ASAP.

Keep on Proggin'!
Fred Trafton